• I like the separation of work and home. I’ve always maintained a minimum of 3 days in the office, even through covid. Yesterday at lunch I was at home and had the opportunity to go for a walk with Parker and Lida. It was -26 but we were bundled up and we created a memory. For me it was being on the walk, for Parker it was probably me trying to backwards somersault out of my snow angel to keep it intact. News flash, it didn’t work. ❄️❤️

  • My mother is 89 years old and has always been a loving and supportive presence in life. We’re sick with Covid so she did what she could and made pea soup, one of my favourites! You never stop being a parent ❤️

  • My kids bet me that I couldn’t crack an egg in my bicep. I thought it was going to be the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I was wrong. Totally couldn’t do it.

  • This sign made me laugh. Way to go keeping us safe during the pandemic Dollar Tree!

  • Christmas break 2021 hasn’t been awesome so far. Parker, Kiefer, and I all tested positive for Covid. Parker and Kiefer were asymptotic but I got it pretty good symptom wise. Starting to turn the corner but yesterday Kiefer started getting pretty ill with a very croupy cough. No real difficulty breathing but feeling miserable. Krista is sick as a dog too but no positive test. All he wants is poutine, white freezies, and tea, lots of tea 😓

  • Then there was the time most of us got covid at Christmas 😢

    Krista and Blaine negative although Krista is more sick than anyone, Parker, Kiefer, and I are all positive. We’re trying to all isolate but it’s proving a challenge as Kiefer doesn’t really get it.

  • We have a great picture where we are all posing perfectly that I’m certain Krista will post on Facebook. For me, I like the ones like this, or the one where we tried to get our dog Lida to pose too. This is my family, I love them.

  • Hockey is shutting down until the new year with the case counts going higher. Parker’s last game of the year ended in a blackout… It was surreal but then the boys had to get off pretty quick and unchanged before emergency lights gave out! 🏒

  • Today Krista and I officially became Schitthead’s! Totally by accident! We were diverted off the highway this evening after seeing my Mom. We had a meandering path on maps so we followed. Then we found ourselves at an intersection that has Bob’s Garage, the Cafe Tropical, and Rose Apothecary so of course we park at Bob’s, run to the Apothecary, and take a quick snap of the cafe before running away back to the car. Only one pic worked out though! Total win for team Birkbeck!

  • Tonight was my game with Billy, we both played great! It dawned on me tonight that I don’t remember playing my last game as a goalie. It just ended. So, I want to talk about the games I play. It’s great playing on this team with Billy. No one plays harder for him than I do. It’s a great group where tailgating before or after is the norm 🏒🍻

  • I wish I was better prepared and had my phone on the ice but today was the first game of hockey I’ve ever played with one of my sons. 🏒

    Parker subbed in on my men’s team and did great! I couldn’t be more proud of him 😁

  • Parker has been working at Canelas at the 400 Market for 18 months now making the best cinnamon rolls ever! Well, his boss was selling and he’s a friend of mine so we agreed to buy it! Parker’s been training me, he loves being way better than me at things… And he is a master at rolling them - 5.5 minutes for 36 buns! Perhaps a business that Kiefer can work someday?

  • I’m very proud of my gigantic 16 year boy Parker who got his learners permit today. Oh Lord, what am I happy about, now he’s going to be driving!!

  • When we first got Kiefer’s diagnosis, the doctors at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto wanted him on a keto diet as its been show to have a positive impact on kids with seizure disorders. He naturally gravitated towards it and now its hard to get carbs into him. He loves hash browns so this morning’s breakfast was fit for a king! He ate everything but the hash browns lol

  • Derek came home for the first time in 18 months today, so we decided to have a glass of wine 🍷😁 It’s great to see him after so much time. He’s been in Halifax at school and unable to come home due to the pandemic. 😷

    Welcome home!

  • It’s been a nice weekend up at the trailer… Fire last night and fancy breakfast this morning.

  • Kiefer and I came up to the trailer last night. It was fun to spend time focusing on him. We played fish, he killed me. We ate poutine in the car because there was nowhere to sit. We played war, he crushed me. We watched an episode of Last Kids on Earth and hit the hay. It was a great night!

    This morning I made him an omelette with cheese curds, “Kiefer Ultimate” he’s dubbed it with a rating of 200 out of 10!

  • Hashtag fire

  • My eldest son, Derek, started pickling things while stuck inside in Halifax. He sent me the recipe so I tried it out too. I’ve never pickled anything other than my liver. Will let you know in 10 days how they turned out!

  • Next phase complete for lawn fixing! Top dressing and weed killer… the good stuff from the US!

  • Great progress today on the lawn! Total family affair. We aerated, weeded, mowed, and dethatched! And got burnt!

  • Whipping the lawn into shape this weekend: Aerate Pull weeds Mow Dethatch Rake Level lawn in back where needed Weed killer Seed Top dressing Fertilizer

    At home depot renting equipment… The lineup to get into Home Depot during COVID is nuts!

  • Woke up this morning to Kiefer on our floor. He snuck in at some point. He’s such an innocent. There isn’t a mean or malicious bone in his body. He just always wants to be near us. ❤️

  • Night up at the trailer, s’mores and roasting marshmallows. Not sure how much longer the kids will like it up here :)

  • Supporting Burger Royale tonight for our weekly takeout dinner!

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